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Top Type Hydraulic Breaker For 6~26 T Excavator

Hydraulic Breaker For 6~26 T Excavator

  • RHB75,RHB85,RHB100,RHB125,RHB135
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"broken hammer" or ''breaker".Hydraulic breaker's power source is excavators,loaders or pumping stations' pressure.It can break stones and rocks more effectively in the engineering construction.Selection of hydraulic breaker principle is according to the operation environment and excavator type.


Air-check Valve:being to the top location enables operators to underwater hammering

Back Head: steel ingot adopts the furnace refining outside and vacuum degassing, through forging(ensure the forging ratio),normalizing,Ultrasonic flaw detection to check internal organization loose and crack

Inward Valve:Strong strick force

Outward Valve:Normal strick force,easy to maintain

Cylinder:Good grinding process, CNC vertical mill to ensure the process human factors

Piston: Made by good quality material,accumulated heat treatment know-how and korean manufacturing technologe

Front Head:Protecting the whole breaker from the chisel's shock

Chisel:The specially heat-treated toll is directly applied to break rocks

 Hydraulic breaker application:

1.Mining:Mountains,mining,crushing,secondary crushing

2.Metallurgy,slag cleaning,ladle furnace demolition,demolition equipment foundation body dissatisfied

3.Railway,tunnel,bridge,mountain down,sbgrade compaction

4.Highway:highway repair,cement pavement excavation

5.Municipal gardens:concrete crushing, water,electricity.gas engineering construction,the transformation of   

   the old city

6.Building: the old building demolition.reinforced concrete broken

7.The ship hull in mussels ,derusting

8.Other:ice breaking, breaking the permaforst and Vibrating Sand


Spare Parts:


Operation WeightKg(Open Type)38655013212961695
Opertation Prussurekgf/cm²120-150120-150140-170150-170160-180
Oil Flowl/min50-9045-8580-12090-125120-150
Impact Ratebpm400-800400-800450-630400-530350-500
Chisel Diametermm7585100125135
Chisel Lengthmm710850100011001250
Chisel Weightkg22325795121
Hose Sizemm1319192525
inchPF1/2" PF3/4" PF3/4" PF1" PF1" 
Suitable Excavatorton6-98-12.512-1513-1820-26

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